Michael's Story

“In May 2011 I was told that I had diabetes and was put on medicine to help control it. Out of fear of not living long enough to see my four-year-old daughter, River grow up I decided to change my lifestyle of fast food, soft drinks and inactivity to an athletic discipline.

I spent countless hours researching physiology, proper diet and exercise. I recorded everything I ate, drank and did for exercise. I started walking and seven months later completed my first 5k road race in under a half hour. I’ve since completed seven road races and am training to do my first half marathon in December.

I run 24 to 30 miles a week, do body weight exercises, yoga and high intensity interval training. My diet is mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, clean lean proteins and lots of water. I eat to exercise effectively and eat to recover. Energy management has become a focal point for healthy living in my life. I’m blessed to say that I’ve lost 115 pounds since last year and no longer need medicine to control my blood glucose level.”

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