MVP Zone Training

What is MVP Zone Training?

MVP Zone Training is a 60-minute heart rate interval training class.  In class, participants wearing a personal heart rate monitor can visually see their live heart rates on a big screen. The instructor will guide the class on the five heart rate zones and the different health and training benefits of each.

Participants are able to visually see how their exercise efforts are affecting them, giving the opportunity to maximize their experience and results. The workouts include intervals of cardiovascular, strength and resistance training.  On average, participants burn from 400 to 1,000 calories per workout and will continue to burns calories for up to 36 hours post workout!

Do I have to register for the class?

No, there is no registration for MVP Zone Training. Classes are first come, first serve with limited spots available.  

How much does it cost?

MVP Zone Training class is FREE for all MVP Athletic Club Members. However, each participant will need a personal heart rate monitor in order to attend. These monitors are available for purchase in the retail store.

What is the class schedule?

Classes are first-come, first-serve with limited availability. Each participant will need a personal heart rate monitor to attend. 

>> CLICK HERE for the Group Fitness Schedule!

What can I expect during the first class?

We suggest all first-time participants arrive to class 15 minutes prior to start time. MVP Zone Training Instructor will go over the premise of the class, what to expect, the benefits of heart rate interval training and how to have the best and most effective workout.

Can all fitness level attend?

Yes! The workout is based on each participant’s individual heart rate, therefore all fitness levels are encouraged to attend.

Is a Heart Rate monitor mandatory?

Yes, participants must have a compatible heart rate monitor. Utilizing the heart rate technology, each participants can see how much they are pushing their bodies to get the results they want. Extra straps will not be available to loan participants.

Compatible Monitors Include:

  • Polar H7
  • Polar H10
  • FitMetrix HR Metrix

How do I set up my Heart Rate monitor?

  • Create your FitMetrix account before coming to your first Zone class (see below)
  • When you arrive at your first Zone class, your Zone trainer will assist you with pairing your Heart Rate Monitor to your FitMetrix account
  • You will need the email address used to register your account along with the “Device ID” of your Heart Rate monitor. The Device ID is printed on the top or back of the monitor.
  • After pairing your heart rate monitor, check in to Zone using your Email Address and Password.

How do I set up my FitMetrix Account?

  • Visit 
  • Click on "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" at the bottom
  • Fill in ALL required fields. Passwords must be 8 characters and cannot contain "#"
  • Your email address and password will be needed to check into a Zone Training class

Chest Strap Monitor

  • Snap transmitting pod onto strap
  • Loosen strap and put it on under your shirt.
  • Make sure the strap is sitting on or around the sternum area of your chest.
  • Strap should be tight enough not to fall down but not uncomfortable.