MVP Well-Fit offers a unique opportunity for active adults to improve and maintain their wellness in a space dedicated to specialized group programming.

Located in the building adjacent to MVP Sportsplex, the 6,700 square foot facility includes state-of-the-art cardiovascular and strength training equipment and a 3,000 square foot group exercise studio. The studio features popular classes like Group Active, a therapeutic-based Recovery Yoga and lifestyle classes dedicated to increasing movement, flexibility, strength and activity levels.

MVP Well-Fit is a Silver&Fit participating facility designed specifically to help older adults achieve better health through regular exercise and health education. Silver&Fit provides eligible members with NO-COST fitness memberships through arrangements with Priority Health.

Our Facility

  • MVP Well-Fit
  • MVP Well-Fit
  • MVP Well-Fit
  • MVP Well-Fit
  • MVP Well-Fit
  • MVP Well-Fit
  • MVP Well-Fit
  • MVP Well-Fit
  • MVP Well-Fit
  • MVP Well-Fit
  • MVP Well-Fit

Membership Options

Goals come with commitments. You decided to make a change, and we’re here to help you succeed.
That’s why MVP offers two flexible membership options:



$0 Enrollment Fee Regular Enrollment Fee
12 Month Agreement Month-to-Month Agreement
Month-to-Month Once Agreement is Fulfilled Regular Cancellation Policy Applies

Membership Pricing

MVP Well-Fit is open to adults ages 18+.

Well-Fit Primary

Membership for an individual only. Primary member will pay applicable enrollment fee and monthly dues. Member has access to MVP Well-Fit only. Member has access to MVP Well-Fit only.

Enrollment Fee: $75 / Monthly Dues: $35


Membership that allows you access to all MVP Sports Clubs facilities in West Michigan. New member must pay regular enrollment fee. Primary member must be an All-Star in order for other account upgrades.

All-Star Primary ´╗┐Enrollment Fee: $200 / Monthly Dues: $95
All-Star Golden (60+) Enrollment Fee: $100 / Monthly Dues: $68
All-Star Golden Associate (60+) Enrollment Fee: $75 / Monthly Dues: $58´╗┐


Silver&Fit® provides eligible members with NO-COST fitness memberships through arrangements with Priority Health. To qualify, member must be a Silver&Fit® Plan Participant through Priority Health.

Benefit includes a NO COST membership with ONE check-in per month. Silver&Fit® member has access to MVP Well-Fit only

Enrollment Fee: $0 / Monthly Dues: $0


Who can use MVP Well-Fit? 

MVP Well-Fit is open to adults ages 18+, with programming geared towards the active adult ages 55+.

Is there a membership specifically for MVP Well-Fit? 

Yes. MVP Well-Fit offers facility specific memberships for those ages 18+. MVP Well-Fit members have access to MVP Well-Fit only. If a member wishes to access other MVP Sports Clubs facilities, they must upgrade or join as a All-Star member.

MVP Well-Fit is also a Silver&Fit participating facility designed specifically to help older adults achieve better health through regular exercise and health education. Silver&Fit provides eligible members with NO-COST fitness memberships through arrangements with Priority Health.

Silver&Fit is provided by American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc.,a subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporated.

Does the MVP Well-Fit membership include access to MVP Sportsplex or other MVP locations? 

No. As a MVP Well-Fit member, you only have access to the MVP Well-Fit facility. You may upgrade your membership to an All-Star member to have full access to MVP Sportsplex and all other MVP membership facilities in West Michigan. 

What is the freeze policy? 

Requests to place a membership account on “inactive or medical freeze” status must be received by written notification to the MVP Well-Fit service desk through an approved freeze form. During the period when the account is on “inactive or medical freeze” status, no monthly dues will be charged and the member will not have access to the facility. 


What classes are offered at MVP Well-Fit?

All areas of the facility are programmed INCLUDING the Fitness Floor.  There is no open fitness floor usage. Programming is geared towards active adults ages 55+. Classes offered include: 

  • Group Active
  • Zumba Gold
  • Yoga
  • Recovery Yoga
  • Vitality
  • Zone Gold

What if I don't want to do the programming offered and want to do my own thing?

You will have to join as an All-Star member, which gives you access to all clubs.

What if I am not able to do some of the exercises in the classes?

Classes offer modifications for all exercises, so be sure to follow the instructor. It may also be helpful to arrive a couple minutes early or stay a couple minutes late to ask the instructor about modifications.

What if I don't have a heart rate monitor and don't want to buy one?

We require heart rate monitors to participate in the Zone Gold fitness floor class. If you don’t have one, and you don’t want to purchase your own, we will have a limited number available to borrow. We highly recommend purchasing your own to ensure you are able to participate in class.

What type of equipment is on the Fitness Floor?

As with all MVP Sports Clubs facilities, our primary equipment provider is Technogym. MVP Well-Fit has all NEW state-of-the-art equipment, including the following cardio and strength training pieces:

  • Treadmills
  • Bikes
  • Varios
  • Arm Bikes
  • Kinesis

Does MVP Well-Fit have locker rooms?

MVP Well-Fit has day use lockers and private changing room available.

Does MVP Well-Fit have permanent lockers available for rent?

No. Permanent use lockers are not be available for rent. Daily lockers are available for use, however all personal items must be cleared out and taken home with you at the end of your workout session.

Is there a pool, steam room, whirlpool or sauna at MVP Well-Fit?

No. MVP Well-Fit does not include these amenities. To access these amenities at MVP Sportsplex, you must upgrade and/or join as an All-Star member to use that facility.

What other amenities does MVP Well-Fit have to offer?

MVP Well-Fit offers a small retail space with items such as padlocks and H7 heart rate monitors for sale. In addition, we offer select Pepsi products and nutrition bars for sale.  Most importantly, MVP Well-Fit has coffee available for FREE to members during ALL operating hours.