Kid's Stuff at MVP Sportsplex

MVP Sportsplex - Kid's Stuff

Welcome to Kid’s Stuff - what an exciting place to be!  We look forward to spending time with your children in a place they will call “their own”, while you explore the endless activities available at MVP Sportsplex. When it’s time to come back for your child, do not expect an easy exit; chances are they will not want to leave!

This fact sheet should help to answer some of the many questions parents might have regarding the Kid’s Stuff area. With safety being our primary concern, you can be assured that our staff will be on their toes to keep things running smoothly. All Team Members are First Aid/CPR certified and have gone through criminal background checks. They have been chosen for their experience, enthusiasm, patience, and creativity. Our Kid’s Stuff staff is well qualified and sensitive to the needs of growing children.

Who can use Kid's Stuff?

Kid’s Stuff is for children from 0-11 years who are members of MVP Sportsplex or guests of members. Guests are subject to normal rules, regulations and time limits.

When is Kid's Stuff open?

Kid’s Stuff is open from 8:30am-8:30pm Monday through Friday, 8:00am-6:00pm on Saturday and 12:00-6:00pm on Sunday. Children can be checked into Kid’s Stuff one time per day, for up to three hours if they are over 18 months of age. Babies under 18 months are limited to a two hour stay.

How do I check in Kid's Stuff?

First time visitors will be asked to fill out a Child Profile Form. On this form you will list who is authorized to “pick up” your children from Kid’s Stuff. We also ask that you inform us about anything that could affect your child’s stay with us. Is your child shy or hesitant to try new activities? Is your child on medication or prone to seizures? Does your child react to ant bites, bee stings, or have other allergies? Has your child recently recovered from an injury or surgery? Share with us anything you feel might be important.

You will sign your child in, and exchange their membership card for a pager. If you do not have your child’s membership card, temporary cards are available at the Service Desk, but will not be issued on a continual basis. Members may be asked to have a replacement card printed. 

When you sign your children in, please list each child on a separate line. You may not leave the Sportsplex grounds while your child is in Kid’s Stuff. The person picking up your child must return the assigned pager, and must be authorized on the child profile form to make the pick-up. This could take some coordinating if family members or spouses are in different areas of the club. Your membership card or driver’s license is required for pick up. Please understand that this is for the safety of all children here! If someone other than the parent/guardian is making the pick up - they must be listed on the Child Profile Form, must be at least 18 years of age, and must present a photo I.D. Members that return to Kid’s Stuff for their children without proper identification will be charged to have a new ID printed before the children can be checked out.

Can my child bring a friend to Kid's Stuff?

Sure! We love to have visitors in Kid’s Stuff! Go first to the main service desk to register the guest and pay the applicable guest fee. Bring the VISITOR card to Kid’s Stuff. Unlike adult guests, children are not limited to the number of times they can be guests annually.

How many Team Members work in Kid's Stuff at one time?

This number is constantly changing. During anticipated busy times, we staff between 10 and 12 people. During quieter mid afternoon times, we may have 2 to 4 staff members on duty. All Team Members are “on call” and can be summoned to help out at any time. The Manager on Duty can also step in. Shift modifications are made when we notice a change in facility usage. Morning hours tend to be the busiest.

What to wear

The only requirement we have is that children be in tennis shoes (sneakers) for gym play. We prefer that all children wear athletic shoes. Kids will not be permitted if they are wearing crocs, sandals, flip-flops, cleats or boots. Dress your child in play clothes that allow for freedom of movement…and consider too, that paint, playdough, glitter and glue are used in the art area. Please don’t send your children in brand new clothes! Any article of clothing that might be removed should be labeled. Shoes are removed for the Inflatable Bounce House so it is essential that footwear be identified. Velcro sneakers are recommended for small children that don’t yet tie. PLEASE CHECK TO SEE THAT YOUR CHILD IS WEARING THE RIGHT SHOES AT CHECK-OUT! Many shoes look alike!

Do I need to make a reservation for my infant?

Yes, we ask that you do call ahead if you have a baby under 12 months. Reservations may be made up to 12 hours in advance. If you just show up with your baby, and the infant area is already full, you may be asked to wait until a baby is checked out. We will certainly do what we can to shift staff members around to accommodate your baby, but a reservation will help us prepare from our end. Please call 616-254-8804 even if it’s just as you are heading out of the house to come to the gym!

Will you feed my infant?

We are not able to guarantee feedings at specific times. Babies are coming and going from Kid’s Stuff at all times – and it might be impossible to provide the one-on-one attention required to give a bottle. If you are concerned about your baby being on a specific schedule, please return to Kid’s Stuff for the feeding, or schedule your workout at a different time. We will do everything we can to meet your baby’s needs, but please understand that when things get busy in here, it might not be possible to give a bottle. If necessary, we will page you for a feeding. Please write out any specific instructions on an extra nametag, and make sure bottles and cups are clearly labeled! We are not able to spoon feed or give babies “snacks” while they are checked into Kid’s Stuff.

Do you change diapers?

We ask that you feed and change your baby before you check them into Kid’s Stuff. When time permits we will gladly change diapers. Please be sure to bring a diaper bag and a change of clothes if you have small children. Make sure that the diaper bag is clearly identified.

If I am in a rush to get to a class can I drop my child off with lunch/dinner?

Food is not permitted in Kid’s Stuff. You can check your child out of Kid’s Stuff and take him/her to the front cafe for a snack – but we do not allow food to be eaten in Kid’s Stuff. If you send your child with a water bottle or sippy cup, please make certain it is labeled! Unidentified drink containers/bottles that are left behind will be thrown away.

Can my child bring toy(s) from home?

Please discourage your child from bringing personal items from home. We cannot accept responsibility for lost or broken toys. We turn over quite a collection of unclaimed items to “Lost and Found” every day. We prefer that children be checked into Kid’s Stuff “empty-handed”. Toys brought in from home frequently cause friction among other children.

What about sick kids?

Kid’s Stuff will make every effort possible to protect the health and safety of the children. We will exercise the right to deny admittance to any child who appears to be in poor (contagious) health. Please do not bring your children to Kid’s Stuff if they have a runny nose, rash, conjunctivitis, swollen glands, nausea, diarrhea, sore throat, chicken pox blisters, or have experienced fever within the last 24 hours! If you check in to Kid’s Stuff and your child shows signs of illness – we will page you and ask that you check your child out.

Do you offer anything for "older" kids?

We understand that ‘big kids’ sometimes aren’t thrilled about coming to “daycare”. We’ve set aside special privileges for children 8 years and older; they can use Wii games for video gaming, legos and board games- (a great escape if they’ve had too much of the little people!) During open gym hours, from 9:30-11:30am, we split the gym so big kids can have their own space. Many special activities are created specifically for older kids, particularly during the summer.

How secure is Kid's Stuff?

The Kid’s Stuff areas are for children only! If you are new to the MVP Sportsplex, and need to walk your child in the first time or two, that is fine, but as a rule, Club members or visitors without children are not to be in the Kid’s Stuff areas unless they are escorted by a Team Member. There is one way in, and one way out (at the check in desk!) All other doors are alarmed or locked. Unauthorized persons will not be permitted to enter the gated areas, or the gym area. 

Have more questions? No problem! Call 616-254-8804