Nutrition Services

Successful weight loss requires healthier attitudes toward eating habits and a sound fitness and nutrition program. MVP Sportsplex offers several options to assist with the nutritional end of the health and fitness equation.

Designed to bridge the gap between fitness and nutrition, MVP nutrition programs assist participants in goal-setting and daily menu planning to help them meet their goals.

“Because of the nutrition class I’m eating correctly, following the pyramid plan and I’ve lost 40 more pounds. My mind is quicker and sharper now and I have a lot more energy.” – Tim Slate, Member


  • $60 per session

SMALL GROUP TRAINING RATES: Sessions are 45 minutes

  • 2 participants: $35/ea per session
  • 3 participants: $32/ea per session
  • 4 participants: $30/ea per session
  • 5 participants: $27/ea per session
  • 6 participants: $25/ea per session

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