Things to Know at MVP Spa Services

Things to Know

Visiting the Spa

How to prepare:

  • Shower before appointments
  • Apply as little make-up as possible
  • Take any medications that you are supposed to take, don't wait until after your session
  • Do not over eat, but have a light snack before you come to the spa
  • Refrain from alcohol before treatments
  • Leave enough time to calmly arrive for your appointment

When you arrive:

  • Check in at scheduling desk prior to your appointment
  • Turn off your cell phone
  • Give the therapist as much information about your medical conditions

What to expect:

  • Your licensed massage therapist will greet you in the Spa Services waiting area and escort you to the treatment room
  • After the initial consultation, the therapist will leave the room and you can undress to your level of comfort
  • Drape yourself with the sheet provided and lay down on the comfortably padded massage table

Service expiration:

  • Single Services = 18 months
  • Packages of Four (4) = 18 months
  • Packages of Six (6) = 6 months
  • All sales are final. There are no refunds for unused spa services.


As a courtesy to other clients, as well as our therapists we ask for at least 24-hour cancellation notice. Those giving less than 24-hour notice or not showing for their scheduled appointment will be charged for their session.

Gift Cards

Gift cards may be purchased for any monetary value at the Spa Services Scheduler's Office in MVP Athletic Club, Spanish Springs or at the front desk at MVP Athletic Club, Brownwood.

Call 352-753-6909 to schedule your appointment, today!

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