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Tomato Soup

One Pot Creamy Tomato Basil Soup (With a Secret Ingredient!)

The New Year is all about getting back to healthy habits. It’s also a time of transition that can be a rough one if you’ve gotten accustomed to holiday sweets and treats. This recipe for a one pot creamy roasted tomato soup is comforting, yet surprisingly nutritious with just a few ingredient swaps. Creamy soups are usually given their silky…

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2019 Header-01

Setting New Year Fitness Goals!

With the turn of the new year, making healthier choices tends to be top of mind. Instead of overwhelming yourself with a list of must dos and feeling unsure of where to start, keep your goals simple to set yourself up for success. Here are a few simple goal ideas to get started. Don’t Wait for the Perfect Time, JUST START!  Nike has the…

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10 Simple Swaps for a Healthier You in the New Year

Are you a New Years’ resolution type? Whether you’re setting new goals for yourself or maintaining current ones, I’ve got a few tips for a healthier you no matter what time of year it is. Let’s talk about a few simple swaps that you can make both on and off your plate to improve your health from the inside out!…

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holiday drink 18

5 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays Without the Guilt

Do the holidays make you stressed? This time of year usually means packed schedules and temptation to sway from healthy habits. If you’re worried about undoing all of the hard work put in to take control of your health, then keep reading. We’re talking five ways to enjoy the holidays without the guilt! Practice mindfulness. Becoming aware of your habits…

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Squat header


Let’s face it, leg day can be tough for some of us! We all know the importance of maintaining our lower body strength, but for whatever reason leg days seem to be the first workout we cut out of our weekly workout schedule when short on time. Sure, part of this is because we don’t get the instance gratification of seeing our…

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Pomegranate Guacamole

Festive Pomegranate Guacamole on Sweet Potato Toasts

What’s red and green that’s a festive holiday treat? Pomegranate guacamole on sweet potato toasts! Guacamole gets into the holiday spirit with the addition of crunchy and slightly tart, yet sweet, pomegranate seeds. Served on a low-carb alternative to crackers or bread, this festive pomegranate guacamole on sweet potato toasts is a delicious party appetizer that will please a crowd!…

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Mix Up Your Treadmill Workout!

I confess, I am a fair-weather runner and I’m okay admitting it! If it’s raining or snowing outside, I will choose to run inside on a treadmill! Anyone else with me?! It can be so easy to fall into the same running routine when running on a treadmill. I teamed up with Ricky Perez (MVP Metro Club Fitness Trainer) to bring…

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Thanksgiving meal

5 Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving Plate

Are you already bracing yourself for the damage the Thanksgiving buffet might cause to your diet? The fall season can be a great time to get back to healthy habits after summer vacations, but these habits can easily fall by the wayside once the holidays hit. Today, let’s talk about how to build a healthier Thanksgiving plate through five simple…

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Caramel Dip

Raw Caramel Fruit Dip (A healthier store-bought alternative!)

Are you a caramel fan, but looking for a healthier way to satisfy your sweet cravings? This raw caramel fruit dip is simple to make and loaded with nutrients that the whole family will enjoy! If you’ve ever looked at the ingredient list of your favorite store bought caramel dip, you’ll find some of the worst nutrition offenders. A few…

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businessman sitting on ball-01

Tips For Staying Fit & Healthy While You Sit

I’m sure most of you have heard the phrase “sitting is the new smoking” by now. The phrase is widely used and quite frankly is true as smoking and sitting have many parallels as they relate to your health. I’ll spare you of all the boring stats supporting how sitting leads to higher rates of weakened muscles, postural problems, chronic body…

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