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I’m Ali. I’m a personal trainer, fitness instructor and newly navigating the waters of blogging. I’m a big fan of pinterest, Netflix, cake batter ice cream, black coffee and red wine. When I was 8 years old I took my Grandma through my own made up workout routine (lots of bicep curls were included) it was my destiny from then on to be in the fitness industry. Growing up in Michigan I lived on a lake and learned to fish, catch tadpoles, sail and build snowmen…although now as a Floridian I am a total baby when it comes to 40 degrees! 

I would like to say the last 10 years in the fitness industry I have found the secret formula, the magic pill, the perfect workout or move that makes you drop weight, look amazing and feel like a rockstar…I haven’t, you have to sweat…period. THAT SAID…I have learned that there are some fun ways to sweat that aren’t too painful and sometimes even fun. So this blog basically lays out the good, the bad and the awesome of sweating and moving. Whether you lift heavy, only do cardio, are a yogi, love classes, hate classes, love sweating, hate sweating or have no clue what you are doing I know you will find something that might be helpful.

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Push-Up Rotate

Take Your Workout With You!

If your excuse for not working out is that you are on the road and travel too much, I don’t want to hear about it. No more excuses, just do it! (I stole that line from Nike. I didn’t want you to think I came up with it on my own). Here is my go-to workout when I’m on the…

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A Few Reasons I Love My FitBit

Working as a personal trainer for eight years, I have always owned a fitness watch of some sort. It’s always good to have a stop watch on hand (pun intended), and plus, they just look cool. My Dad bought me a Fitbit for my 30th birthday and I have been addicted ever since! Why? Well, because I’m of the generation…

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If I had only 20 minutes to workout would I? …YES!

I already know what you’re thinking: “Ali you work in a health club! How can you not find time to work out? It’s 100 feet from your desk!” Well, you see, I don’t have a good excuse! On those busy days where there are meetings and deadlines, sometimes my blocked out workout time disintegrates. That said, if I only had…

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