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Start ‘Em Young!

A mother and her daughter are flexing their muscles outside at the park after a workout.

“Do as I say, not as I do.” Have you ever said those words to your kids, or heard them from your parents? Kids see everything and want to do everything you do… well until they are about 16 ;).

Watching is how we all learn and grow.

Growing up, Mom worked out to The Firm tapes and I always watched and I ALWAYS wanted to do them with her (now it’s making sense how I got into this industry!). Dad would go for runs outside and I even remember going to the gym with him while he took a class and I sat in the back of the room coloring. I grew up surrounded by activity and it has helped shape my active life.

I share this with you because we can oftentimes look at working out as a singular health benefit only for ourselves, but there are farther reaching reasons to maintain your fitness … your kids are watching!

You have the choice to not only be healthy for yourself and your well-being, but also for your kids, and if you think further down the road, for your grandkids and future generations! It doesn’t always have to be a workout at the gym, a class or what we consider the traditional ways of working out. It can be bike riding, swimming, rollerblading (Dad and I did that too!), running, playing sports, going for a walk. I have several friends that have gotten themselves in shape with workout DVD’s at home or merely moving a little every day. Check out some of our building directors below who all have busy schedules but commit to moving and being active.

Whether you are doing something with your kids, or your kids are merely watching you be active you are instilling something profound in their lives!

*Have your kids be a part of your fitness achievements and goals!

Brad kids

Brad (Director of MVP Metro Club, Grand Rapids) is constantly going to watch his wife run in races and having the boys help cheer on their mom, pictured is Brad’s oldest son cheering on the people at MVP Rockford, giving thumbs up as they run around the track.

*Set goals! 

derek kids

Derek (Director of RDV Sportsplex Athletic Club, Orlando) and his son are on a quest to swim 100 miles. Derek says setting goals and making it a team effort to complete it gives his son more excitement about moving, swimming and being active.

*Be with them in the activity! 

kate kids copy

Kate (Director of MVP Athletic Club, Holland) is pictured with her three kiddos on a bike ride. Choose to do activities with your kids that are outside and can be all about exploring!


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