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5 Ways to Fight Off Sugar Cravings

January 2017 #1

Who here is constantly battling sugar cravings? I can totally relate. Maybe you’re one of the lucky few who doesn’t crave sweets at all (I envy you!), but I encourage you to read on to help out your sugar-loving friends and family.

Sugar is well, addicting, and can lead to decreased energy, headaches, mood swings, breakouts and unanticipated weight gain, to name a few.

Coming off of the holiday season can be especially difficult, as our bodies have learned to crave all things sugar after indulging in one too many sweet treats!

Here are five tips that I’ve found helpful in fighting off sugar cravings.

Plan and Prep for the Week. How many times have you had good intentions to make healthy food choices, but they quickly fall by the wayside because you are stressed and short on time?

As a health coach, I find that one of the biggest keys to healthy success is planning out your meals and snacks and prepping what you can ahead of time. When we have healthy options at arm’s reach, we are much more likely to make healthier choices when the hunger strike hits!

Start Your Morning Off Right. The way you start your morning usually sets the tone for the rest of the day. Opt for a healthy breakfast to help your body crave healthier foods throughout the day. This could be a jar of overnight oats, or a nutritious smoothie on the way out the door!

Go All Natural. Our body responds to nature’s “sweet things” completely different than that processed junk you find at convenience stores. Opt for natural sources of sugar such as: honey, molasses, maple syrup, coconut sugar, brown rice syrup and dates. But remember, sugar is still sugar and moderation is key!

Find a Healthier Alternative. Can’t part ways with your favorite sweet treats? Try to find a healthier version to satisfy your sweet tooth! Step outside of your comfort zone and try whipping up a nutrient-packed chia pudding, banana “nice” cream, or these healthy truffle bites.

Just Say “No”. Because of sugar’s addictive nature, sometimes, we just have to say no for a little while. When I was intentionally working to remove sugar cravings from my life, I had to completely remove sugar for a bit. This meant throwing away cookies that were sent home with me (sorry, Grandma!), staying away from the temptation of the office break room treats and consciously keeping sweets out of my pantry and freezer.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that as we incorporate healthier foods into our day, it will naturally crowd out the unhealthy food. This means getting a better handle on those sugar cravings, too!


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