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New Year; New Goals. Don’t Sabotage Your Good Intentions!

New Year 2017

Most common ways for self-sabotage when it comes to fitness goals in the New Year…

  1. Missing Monday! You are somewhere around 82% more likely to come into the gym again later in the week if you don’t miss your Monday workout. Get yourself through those doors or do something physical on Monday to start your week off right. I often will sabotage myself when it comes to food and working out by having a bad day on Monday and then thinking, “I’ll just start next week.” Horrible attitude, so make the commitment to always start Monday on the right foot!
  2. TOO much TOO soon. Don’t over commit, by saying you are going to workout 7 days a week or actually do that the first week of your workouts. You will burn out! Make an achievable goal of 2-3 days a week, if you end up doing 4 then you’re ahead of the game!
  3. Not getting connected. Find some way to connect with your workout and make it FUN!

Need ideas?

  • Find or create an awesome playlist that motivates you to move. (Visit previous blog HERE about how I make my workout playlists!)
  • Get a workout buddy. Maybe it’s a friend you go walking with in the morning, or someone you meet after work at the gym.
  • Hire a trainer. Sometimes all you need is a few sessions to get on track. Some people need accountability and a little skin in the game to stay committed.
  • Find a class that you love and get to know the people taking the class. We are all more likely to keep coming back to a workout if we feel a sense of community and fun even when we are sweating and working hard.
  • Living only in your comfort zone. Switch it up! If you always take Group Power try out TFW Strength; If you always do the same workout routine on the treadmill and on the floor, hire a trainer to help you switch it up; If you have never tried a class try one; If you have never played tennis do that! Mix it up so you don’t get bored.
  • Not cross training. If you only run or only take Yoga, open your mind to trying something different. Life and workouts are all about balance, so if you are a runner, try some strength training and some Group Centergy. If you are a Yogi try some TFW and or some strength training on the floor.

You CAN and this year you WILL!


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