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It’s All About Balance!


How often do you think you use your balance skills? Let me answer that for you: EVERY DAY, multiple times a day!

Holding five grocery bags in one hand, my phone in the other as I get out of the car, or reaching way up high on my tippy toes to get something down from the top shelf, or walking up or down the stairs. Clearly, balance is important, yet for some reason we wait, and wait, and wait to train or practice balance when it comes to our fitness. We wait until we’ve lost some of our ability, and then we get worried.

Can practicing balance actually help us? You bet. Small stabilizer muscles sit around all our joints, so when we practice balancing, let’s say standing on one leg and then hopping or stepping onto the other leg, all those little muscles have to engage so we don’t fall. Using the stepping and hopping example you might feel wobbly in your ankle but that wobble is GOOD! The wobble means the stabilizer muscles in our feet, around our ankle, around our knee, around our hip all the way up into our oblique’s and core musculature are activating. That’s a lot of work happening by just standing on one foot! The more we do this type of training the stronger those muscles get and the more stabilized our joints become. We need to create a disturbance in our bodies by challenging balance, which ultimately makes us stronger and more mobile.

4 Benefits of Improving our Balance

  1. Improved Coordination
  2. Reduced Risk of Injury
  3. Improved Strength
  4. Stronger Joints

Start adding balance to your workout today. Here are some classes and exercises to try.

Group Classes to Improve Your Balance

  • Group Active (this class has a Balance training track built into it!)
  • Yoga
  • Zone Training
  • Group Power
  • TFW
  • Group Fight
  • Group Centergy
  • Group Core
  • Group Blast

All the above have been designed and programmed with balance just for you!

Balance Exercises

I have given you a few ideas below but also note, you could take a move you do in your workouts each week and add balance to it. For example, Overhead Press. This week do 5 reps standing on your right leg and then 5 reps standing on your left leg…it’s a game changer!

    • BOSU Ball Exercises (you can add weights to any of the below movements!)


(But only do this if you have palm trees in the background, on a sunny day with pink pants on…Kidding; you should ALWAYS do this!)


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