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Beach Eats!

Blue cooler box on the beach

Grab a towel and put on the sunscreen! Summer is all about sun, sand, and playing in the waves. Don’t forget to pack the cooler! With these easy eats, spending all day at the beach just got easier (and healthier)!

  • Raw or dry-roasted, unsalted nuts
  • Pre-washed, sliced veggies and fruit
  • Pre-portioned trail mix (without the chocolate chips)
  • Pre-portioned dried fruit
  • Single serving cups of hummus
  • Single serving cups of nut butter
  • Cheese sticks
  • Whole grain pretzels
  • Individual bags of butter-free popcorn

Each of the items listed above can be easily tossed in a beach bag. The cheese sticks, and perishable items should be kept in a cooler. Remember – Don’t let food that could spoil sit outside for more than 2 hours! A case of food borne illness could be enough to cut any vacation short, and worst case, cause an emergency room visit.

Proper hydration is also very important! Freeze water bottles the night before and use them as additional ice packs and as they melt, enjoy nice refreshing cold water.  If the beach house has a drinking fountain, be sure to pack a water bottle to refill!

Other important non-food items important to remember include hand wipes, sanitizer, and napkins. The sand and lake water can be home to unwanted bacteria. Clean hands make for a cleaner meal time.

Don’t let fried food stands, food trucks, or beach side cafes get the better of your family! Packing these simple snacks will ensure good health, quick bites, and savings in the pocket!


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