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There are several things I love about my job and one of my favorites is that at every MVP club across Michigan and Florida I have really great friends and co-workers. Andrea Scott (MVP Athletic Club, Crahen Sales & Fitness Manager) and I have been buddies since 2009 when we both were working at MVP Sportsplex as personal trainers. Since the good old days we have both moved to different clubs (and me to a different state!) but we always stay connected and get together when we can.

I got to catch up with her on my last Michigan trip and I asked her to give me the best butt workout she could come up with….well, SHE DID! I asked Andrea how she has become so good at training the tush and she told me that when she first started training with Josh Lemmer at MVP Sportsplex her number one goal was a nice back side. “I remember him telling me you’re going to squat, deadlift, lunge and box jump. I enthusiastically said…. ‘Great, then what?’  He replied ‘you’ll rest for a day or so and then do it again!’   A decade later Andrea has two kids and she says “Its still a work in progress.”

Being a gymnast in my younger years helped me to build glute strength at a young age and I can definitely vouch with Andrea that lunges and squats are where it’s at. She taught me a couple new tricks of the trade during our workout that you can check out below. “Having strong glutes protects the hips and knees and even helps with proper posture yet many lifters don’t have the correct muscle recruitment patterns to maximize their gluteus maximus.  It’s the largest muscle in the body so whether yours was given to you at birth, you’ve worked hard to build one, or your currently trying to make gains, this four week plan to a better booty will help you be successful” says Andrea. Try it out and let us know what you think!


(1) Lunges Traveling Backwards

(2) Hip Bridges

Hip Bridges

(3) Step Ups

Step Ups

(4) Straight Leg Deadlifts


(5) Box Jumps



  • 3 Sets
  • 20 Reps or 10 Each Leg
  • Body Weight to Light Weight
  • Exercises listed above, 2-3 days during week


  • 4 Sets
  • 12 Reps or 6 Each Leg
  • Light to Medium Weight
  • Exercises listed above, 2-3 days during week


  • 5 Sets
  • 8 Reps or 4 Each Leg
  • Medium to Heavy Weight
  • Exercises listed above, 2-3 days during week


  • 6 Sets
  • 6 Reps or 3 Each Leg
  • Heavy to Extra Heavy Weight
  • Exercises listed above, 2-3 days during week

TIPS from Andrea…

  • Lunges traveling backwards force you to push through your heel to step back.  So much of glute work is about where your weight is distributed so this is one of my favorite coaching Techniques.  Also be sure to sink straight down the center. No forward or backward lean with the torso.
  • Hip bridges require a braced core so start at the bottom with a contracted core that is prepared for someone to come give you a punch.  Bridge up to the top hold with a firm glute squeeze. Lower back down slow and controlled.
  • Step ups are one of my favorite exercises but it’s so easy to cheat on them!   Think about taking the momentum out of the movement.  When you step up all the work should be pushed through the lifted heel.  On the way down push your Tush way behind you like you’re going to sit in a chair and go as slow as you can. Add a knee lift at the top for more core work!
  • Straight legged deadlifts again are often done without glute recruitment as well. Keep the weight in the heels and push your butt back. I like to teach these about 4″ from a wall.  If your butt doesn’t tap the wall…. You’re not hinging correctly.  Be sure to keep that neutral spine and braced core as well.
  • Box jumps. Pick a height you can do safely. Use your arms. They are your accelerators. Land lightly with your entire foot on the box. Step down don’t jump down!



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