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Hydrate with Flavor

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Water makes up over half of our body mass. It’s important for organ function, muscle function, keeping us alert, and necessary for all forms of life. With the summer heat starting to shine on the mitten state, and always on the orange capital of the country, everyone needs to increase their water intake. Jazz up your plain water and sip in style this summer with these few tips on getting the most out of an ordinary glass of H 2 O.

* Slice lemons and limes and freeze. Place in glass of water and allow the citrusy flavor to burst while keeping your drink cool.

* Grab a handful of frozen berries, I love a combo of strawberries and blueberries, and place in your glass. When the water is gone, enjoy the sweet treat at the bottom of the cup!

* Steep a decaf tea bag in a pitcher of ice water. (3-5 minutes or longer for a more intense flavor). With flavors such as mint, berry, even chocolate, it’s a sugar-free treat the whole family can enjoy!

* If you really like juice, try 100% concentrate to your glass of water. 1T per 8oz of water keeps calories in check. I love pomegranate juice for an extra burst of antioxidants!

* Don’t forget the water packed fruits and veggies. Cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew, cucumber, tomatoes, and celery are mostly water. Eating a watermelon, tomato salad could help hydrate you and provide extra nutrients.

Dietitian Tip: I love steeping decaffeinated green tea in my ice water and adding frozen blueberries with a frozen lemon wedge. It’s great when I’m pool side, or sitting at my desk dreaming of the beach …ahem, I mean working ;).

Water doesn’t have to be boring! Try one, or try each of these tips for a guilt free, taste bud tingling, hydrating delight!


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