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A Party in Your Ears… The Perfect Playlist!


I’m asked all the time about recommending a good playlist or music to workout to. A few months back my friend Andrea Scott, Sales & Fitness Manager at MVP Athletic Club – Crahen, turned me on to this amazing app called “FIT Radio”. It’s like a little DJ in your headphones mixing up your favorite tunes!

One cool thing about it is the ability to choose your beats per minute, BPM, meaning you can choose the speed at which the song plays.

I don’t teach Group Ride, but I will often times run to that music because the BPM are set at a perfect pace for me. Knowing that Group Ride can range from 95-210 BPM, I have found with this app being around 120-140, it’s a really good range to be (at least for running or stair mill).

It’s great to have a set BPM to workout to because it keeps me moving longer and makes me stay in a good rhythm. Whether you run, lift or clean your house with music this app is going to be your jam because the music never stops. The DJ mixes from one song to the next, leaving no dead space, and there is always a beat playing in your ear! It’s a constant party and it will make you excited to workout because you just want to listen.

I’m listening to it right now at my desk, bobbing my head and tapping my feet. (The finance people that sit next to my cubicle probably think I’m really weird.)



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