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Healthy Road Trip Snacks

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Road trip season is upon us! The car is packed, gas tank is full, now let’s fill the car with healthy snacks for everyone! After all, roads trip are meant to be fun and hassle (hopefully) free. Keep your family smiling all the way with these quick, easy, and healthy travel treat ideas.

When packing road trip food and snacks, look for items that have >3g of fiber, a good source of protein, less than 2g of saturated fat, low in salt and sugar, mess free, and easily eaten while traveling. Don’t forget to pack lots of hand wipes, napkins, disposable spoons, and forks.

If you have room to bring a cooler it allows you to pack more food choices. Stash these healthy options on frozen water bottles to keep cool. Added bonus, once the water bottle thaw, you have cold water to keep you hydrated!

  • Greek yogurt
  • String Cheese
  • Sliced fresh fruit
  • Baggies of cut veggies
  • Single servings of guacamole cups
  • Single servings of hummus cups
  • Whole wheat wraps filled with lean turkey meat, lettuce, and hummus
  • La Croix water
  • Individual organic milk pouches

No room for a cooler? No problem! These snacks are easily packed in a backpack, the car seat pocket, or in a snack bin:

  • Snack baggies of unsalted popcorn (Skinny Pop is my favorite)
  •  100 calorie snack packs of almonds, cashews, walnuts, or nut-free pepitas (sunflower seeds)
  • Individually wrapped prunes
  • 100 calorie packs of no-added sugar, dried fruit
  • Dates or boxes of raisins
  • Snack baggies of whole wheat pretzels
  • Nut butter sandwiches
  • Snack baggies of whole grain cereal
  • Organic applesauce cups
  • Squeezable fruit pouches
  • KIND bars
  • LARA bars

Try to time your eating on the road as close to your normal eating patterns. This will prevent mindless eating and consuming extra calories. If you have little ones at risk of choking, plan meals around reststop breaks to stay safe.

No space for packing food? Choose restaurants that allow for substitutions; swapping in veggies or fruit. Specify baked, broiled, grilled, or “on the side”. Be mindful of serving sizes, and ask for a to-go box. Stay hydrated with refreshing lemon water, and away from the salty, sugary meals and desserts. You’ll feel tired, lethargic, and ready for a nap. Arrive at your destination ready for a great time!

If you are flying, most airlines allow you to pack solid, prepackaged food items. Stash granola bars (KIND and LARA are my top picks), raisins, unsalted nuts, or individually wrapped prunes. Most airline kiosks contain any of the food items listed above too.

Some of my best childhood memories are from family road trips. What is your healthy go-to snack you love to pack to maintain good nutrition while on the road?

Safe travels and happy noshing!


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