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Is juicing worth your time?

Is Juicing Worth the Time

Instead of noshing on that yummy kale or spinach salad, why not drink it? New diet trends constantly hit the market and one of this year’s hot topics is juicing! It seems that every talk show host and celebrity is gulping down green concoctions and looking lean. But before you get started juicing, there are a few things you may want to consider about the newest health hype.

Vegetable 411. As American’s we don’t consume nearly enough fruits and vegetables. Packed with multiple nutrients, phytochemicals, and antioxidants, a healthy intake of fruits and vegetables daily may help decrease the risk for heart disease and cancer. It can also help to lower cholesterol levels due to the high amount of fiber. When you add multiple vegetables into a juicer, the fiber contents are broken down and striped from the drink, leaving you with hardly any benefits for your body. Adequate fiber intake is a major component to helping lower cholesterol levels, as well as maintaining regularity of the digestive track.  Fiber containing foods are naturally low in calories, yet the high fiber content is difficult for the bodies to break down, leading to less hunger. Basically, it keeps our bodies full, without filling out the waistline.

Calorie Intake. Chances are you might find yourself raiding the fridge even after consuming a large green juice blend. This is because, as stated above, the fiber is stripped from the drink during processing. Fiber’s other role within the body is maintaining blood sugar levels. Juicing causes blood sugar to spike rapidly and then fall, which may lead to feeling hungrier sooner resulting in over consumption of calories.

Detoxifying. If you’re trying to cleanse your body, trust yourself. We are already equipped with an auto cleanser: our liver! The liver is the natural detoxifying organ in the body. Its main job is to work overtime to flush out last night’s martini, one too many sugar cookies, and detox everything else we consume. Trust your liver, it knows your body best.

Build a Better Drink. You can make a healthy drink blend more balanced by simply making a smoothie. Smoothies don’t grind up everything the way juicing does, allowing the fiber to stay within the drink. Try adding low fat Greek yogurt, chia seeds, or a nut butter for a more filling and healthier drink option.

The bottom line on juicing: fruits and vegetables are great, but do your body a favor and slice an apple or celery instead of drinking it.


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