Luke's Story

“I began my weight loss journey in January of this year because I was near 300 pounds and felt terrible. I found myself napping whenever possible instead of playing ball in the yard with my three boys. Enough was enough. I joined MVP and met my fitness trainer Rusty Ross and nutritionist Lysandra Vander Hart. They changed my life.

I realize that I am to gain credit for my transformation (Rusty is constantly reminding me that I did all the work) but without those two, I’m confident there is no way I would’ve lost 80 pounds (so far) in just six months.

I feel like a new man, and have the incredible training staff and nutrition staff at MVP to thank. I’ve had a dream for years of doing a sprint triathlon and couldn’t get through the first week of workouts because I kept getting injured. I’m proud to say that not only did I complete my first triathlon a few weeks ago, but I went for the Olympic distance and beat my goal! There was a night in February where I leaned over the rail at Burton Street and said to Rusty ‘What do you think about me doing an Olympic distance tri? He just looked up at me and said ‘“I’ll do it with you!”’ It was that kind of motivation that pushed me on those days where I was so sore, I couldn’t even get out of bed. Now I’m addicted and am working towards my first Half Ironman. I like the sound of that . . .’from 300 pounds to Half Ironman in the same year!’

I tell everyone who will listen to stop going out to eat and hire a trainer. I couldn’t have done this alone. Thanks MVP, from my family for giving them their husband and father back!”

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