Group Ride

Does your current exercise routine leave you spinning in circles? Then it’s time to get moving! Group Ride is the indoor cycling craze that is great for everyone because you control your pace. So everyone from new exercisers to avid cyclists can benefit from the group dynamics and awesome music without the stress of competitive pressure. Group Ride matches terrain with tempo and mixes great music with a great workout!

Group Ride will take you through slow climbs, short sprints and recovery spins that present no barriers to coordination or boredom. Group Ride is particularly popular since it targets the lower body. It also is a low-impact workout causing minimal stress on knees and joints. In general, cycling has been found to be a great cardiovascular conditioner, which also builds strength in the back and legs, boosts endurance and reduces stress.

Group Ride instructors are highly-trained to maximize each class experience, from proper set-up and positioning, to providing options for new exercisers. In addition, each song in a Group Ride class has its own feel and style that is captured by the movements ensuring that Everyone Finishes First!

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