Common Questions

Do I need to sign a team up or can I sign up individually?

You can sign up either way. If you already have a group of people who want to play, sign up as a team. The average team consists of 10-11 players for adult teams. For youth teams, the average is 13-14 players. Though most do not, teams may roster up to 18 players.

If you don’t have a team to sign up with, you can register as an individual to be placed on a house team with other players in need of a team. If you have a friend or two that would like to play on the same house team with, let us know and we will make sure you are put on the same team. House team players have one meet-and-greet practice, receive a t-shirt for games, and play the session’s games together. All of our youth house teams are coached by parent volunteers.

I haven't played soccer before, is there a level for me?

Yes. We offer a recreational level for every league we run. Whether you’ve never played before, or haven’t touched a ball since high school, we can find the right competition for you.

Do you have to be a "member" to join a league or class?

No. We are not a membership-based facility. There is no membership fee to sign up for any of our programs.

What do the fees include?

  • Class Fee - Six (6) one-hour lessons and a t-shirt
  • Team Fee - Eight (8) games
  • House Team Fee - Eight (8) games,  one practice, and a t-shirt

What age does MVP Sports Spot offer leagues/classes for?

MVP Sports Spot offers instructional classes for youth, ages 3-9, and leagues for youth ages 4-19 and adults.

How many female players are on a Adult Coed Team?

For our Adult Coed teams, of the five (5) players on the field, two (2) must be female at all times.

What footwear is appropriate? Do I need shinguards?

Tennis shoes, indoor soccer shoes, turf shoes, or cleats (recommended) may be worn. All players in U19 leagues and younger are required to wear shinguards as well as anyone under the age of 18 playing in an adult league.

When do I find out my team's first game?

We will email the first game information to each team’s coordinator. Team coordinators will then notify the players on their roster. Complete schedules will be available at the team’s first game and will be distributed when the team is paid in full and everyone has filled out and signed the roster.  If you sign up for a house team, we will call or email you your house team’s practice and first game times. At the practice, you will receive a full schedule.

When is payment due?

For classes and house team sign-ups, payment is due at the time of registration. For teams, the balance is due at the first game.