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Hi! My name is Juanita and I have been a Fitness Trainer and a Group Exercise Instructor for over 13 years, and am currently the Group Fitness Manager. I am a mother of two amazing kids. My daughter Alicia is always making me laugh and teaches me cool, new things daily. I am my son Jaxson’s biggest fan, I can listen to him sing and play his guitar all day every day! One of our favorite things to do together is to watch The Office. A few fun facts about me: I love reading, my favorite books are one’s that will help me become better in my life’s core values. I have been told I am a coffee snob because I only drink “good” coffee. Anybody who knows me can tell you that my favorite color is purple. One word that best describes me is organized.
I started training for my career in fitness when I was just 12 years old! I worked out to a group fitness video almost every day in my living room. It was when I learned how to do step aerobics in a high school PE elective class that I knew, at that moment, I wanted to teach Group Fitness. I truly love working out in group fitness classes, and they help me with my Health Wise core value!
I am a big fan and strong believer in self-improvement. My favorite daily thought is, “Everyday in everyway I am getting better and better.” And so, with that in mind, as you and I journey through this blog, my hope is to educate, inform, and inspire you with something that will help you be better, do better, and have better in your world of fitness!

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Summer Shoulders

Sculpted Shoulders for the Summer!

Summer has officially arrived and it’s time to show off those shoulders! In addition to having your shoulders look good, it’s important that they move well! One of my favorite moves to target shoulder mobility and build strength are halo exercises. A halo movement takes a weight of your choosing up around your head in a circular direction putting your shoulders through…

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