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A Few Reasons I Love My FitBit


Working as a personal trainer for eight years, I have always owned a fitness watch of some sort. It’s always good to have a stop watch on hand (pun intended), and plus, they just look cool. My Dad bought me a Fitbit for my 30th birthday and I have been addicted ever since!

Why? Well, because I’m of the generation where I am all about constant feedback. I like to know how I’m doing and always have a gauge of my day. There is an option to compete with people and friends, but I opt out of that. Sorry if you’ve asked to be my friend and I’ve ignored it, but I’m all about my own targets :/.

I personally am not big into counting calories, but it’s fun to see what I burn. I have mine set currently to hit 2,500 calories daily in regards to burning. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that when the watch vibrates to tell me I have won for the day and hit my mark, I get pretty excited. One day I stayed late at the gym to take Group Fight just so I could hit 3,000, and it was pretty epic when I did… I can only imagine it’s pretty close to the feeling of winning the lottery.

I probably pay the most attention to watching my heart rate. I love to wear it while I am teaching and see the highs and lows of where my heart goes. Pairing it with taking Zone Training has helped because it’s allowed me to understand my training zones that much more and where I “need” to be to get a great workout and feel the best.

I always shoot for at least 10,000 steps a day and around 3-4 miles. I know if I am sitting in this arena that I am moving and being active. Most weekdays I can beat some of the goals, which again is a fun game to play with myself.  Don’t get me wrong; I have lazy Netflix couch days and I am 100 percent okay with it, but I have found that my Fitbit will sometimes motivate me to go do something extra or more so I can hit my goals. If I am sitting at 8,000 steps on a given day I will go for a walk outside just so I hit my mark. I consider my Fitbit my own personal cheerleader. It’s a positive part of my life that helps me want to move more and constantly push myself, which I think is a healthy thing. It’s also a pretty great fashion accessory (NOT!) but I make it work for all occasions.

  • Nancy Sperti

    What model do you have. I’ve got the 1st one that came out back in 2012 but have been thinking of getting one that does more.

    • Ali Svendsen

      I have the Fitbit surge. It has quite a few bells and whistles, like receiving text messages, tracking sleep but my all time favorite is knowing my heart rate, it’s been a game changer for making me train harder during my workouts!

  • Andrea

    Ali I personally love the challenges. My co-workers in Michigan and Florida alike get to cheer one another on and it’s brought an added element of motivation. Most importantly, it’s a way to build comeradery in a global workplace. You should give it a try!

  • http://Safari Barbara

    I will be 76 in April. I think I am very active and always have been all through my life.
    I am noticing that I do not feel motivated.
    What’s the secret? This year I am losing interest.
    People my age can not keep up and younger people are too strong and fast.

    Sure I can walk 8-10 miles.
    or run/walk 3-5.
    I have ridden my bike on tours all over the USA and in 2 country’s.
    I used to run in most of the local 5 and 10 k’s.

    I attend some of the classes at MVP but it’s the motivation I’m lacking
    How can I get it back?

    • Ali Svendsen

      Hi Barbara, that’s a really good question! Have you switched up what you are doing for your workouts lately? Maybe trying something completely out of your normal box of fitness would help. You mentioned you walk/run and bike, do you strength train or have you tried yoga at all? I am just wondering if doing something new might rejuvenate you.

      Similar to will power, motivation is a bit of a mental battle. As the saying goes, you may have to fake it until you make it and eventually the motivation will come. I have found that if I train for something specific, it gives me new energy and excitement. I have even had other colleagues take me through different workouts to help mix things up. Setting new goals for myself always helps too! Right now I am tackling pull ups which is very challenging for me, but I have a goal in mind that I am going to keep working toward. Hope some of this helps!

    • Andrea

      Hi Barbara! I’ve been there too. As a fitness manager for MVP we have so many members who have been where you are. Maybe consider connecting with a trainer for a few half hour sessions. They can help you see where you are now, set a goal, and then make a plan to help you achieve it. Sometimes this jump start is just what motivated people like you need from time to time to get out of a rut. I’ve been working in fitness for almost a decade and I still use trainers from time to time to stay on track or redirect towards something new.

  • Holli

    Hi Ali. The Zone training classes specifically say Polar heart rate monitor. Can the Fitbit be used as well and it just isn’t mentioned? Thank you!


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