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If I had only 20 minutes to workout would I? …YES!


I already know what you’re thinking: “Ali you work in a health club! How can you not find time to work out? It’s 100 feet from your desk!” Well, you see, I don’t have a good excuse! On those busy days where there are meetings and deadlines, sometimes my blocked out workout time disintegrates. That said, if I only had 20 minutes to workout I absolutely would!

The reason I chose these moves is because they integrate more than one muscle, so I know I’m getting the most bang for my buck. I chose to use dumbbells for the exercises because those are easier to grab, rather than setting up a whole rack. Plus, if I wanted I could go a little heavier with each set to make it more challenging. I know I’m hitting a little bit of everything and going to definitely sweat in a short amount of time. Don’t tell anyone I told you, but sometimes I do this workout on a day when I really don’t want to work out (I mean just kidding this NEVER happens to me ;)). It’s awesome because you get done super-fast and still feel accomplished. Try it!


  • BW – Squats – 10 reps
  • Inch Worm Walk Out to Push up – 5 each
  • Hip Openers – 5 each
  • Lateral Lunge – 5 each
  • Repeat 2X


  • Squat with Dumbbells – 10 reps
  • Single Arm Overhead Press – 10 reps each
  • Rows – 10 reps
  • Alternating Plank Ups – 5 each
  • Burpie – 5 each
  • Repeat 3X (maybe even 4 if you are making good time! 1 minute of rest in between each round)


  • Susan

    Can we see what these actually are? You know, visuals with the words. Like, what the heck is a burpie?

    • Ali Svendsen

      Hey Susan, great idea! I am going to work on photos for those exercises first thing next week (you can tell I’m new to this!). For now, here is a quick run down of how to execute a burpie…

      1.Stand straight and assume a squat position such that your thighs are completely parallel to the floor, and extend your arms in front of you.
      2.Kick the feet backwards and do a quick push-up, almost touching the chest and the ground.
      3.Return to the squat stance fast.
      4.Jump up as high in the air as possible

      Make sure to follow the blog for updates once pictures are posted.

  • Sharon Meehan

    Thank you for doing this. It is nice to be able to work out at home when we can’t make it to class,


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